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Virtual reality has officially taken on the gaming world, and VR headsets are on the radar for gamers and media enthusiasts alike.Despite the fact that there are only a few headsets that are developed enough to consider, EMPORIO ARMANI it can still be difficult deciding which headset is right for your needs.Sure, the basic specs are easy enough to put side by side, and Amazon already done just that with a handy chart comparing each headset platform, display specs, weight, fit, and included accessories.But nobody is picking which headset they want based on these figures.That why we put together this VR headset buying guide, which covers the most important factors in picking the right virtual reality headset.This includes what you really need to set each one up, what kind of games each headset is best for, and what each headset has in store for the future. Of course, we also go more in depth on specs and performance, to ensure you are picking a headset that will truly impress. Read on below to have all of your questions answered.If you want to know more about what other options on the horizon that may be worth waiting for, you can browse our list of this year Top 10 Virtual Reality Headsets here, or you can browse more virtual reality headsets and accessories on Amazon here.HTC ViveThe Vive headset is the lovechild of HTC and Valve, and will be the go to choice for power gamers who use the Steam gaming platform.This headset comes with two tracking cameras that you set up around the perimeter of your gaming space to enable room scale dimensional tracking, and two ski pole like controllers that can be tracked in addition to the headset.These numerous accessories make for a somewhat difficult setup, Best VR Headsets Armani but you are rewarded with a rich 3D environment that he/she can actually walk around in. The controllers have triggers, a track pad that acts like a fusion of a mouse and control stick, and even a grip that can detect squeezes.The headset is the heaviest one available, and it is wired to a control station with a 5 meter cable, but it is still comfortable and movable. You might feel silly wearing a VR helmet, but you certainly won feel encumbered. Shopping Armani With Wholesale Price: Tags: #yupoo #armani #yupoo armani #yupoo aliexpress #aliexpress yupoo #yupoo watches #yupoo search #yupoo english #free vector